We are a small web & software development agency in Menlo Park, CA

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What We Do

We offer software consultancy and content development services to meet your digital business needs.


We have access to innovative designers willing to go the extra mile.

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Web development is our strong side. You need a online site or secure application? Including also hosting in the cloud.

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Web Presence

Want to establish a more modern online presence and grow your business using social media.

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Mobile Apps

Android or iOS? We can go native or build a web app that will run on both platforms.

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The right content to the right audience. Not easy!

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Marketing Automation

Engage and stay close to your customers with email marketing.

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About Us

Our process: Lean and agile process to deliver on the customer vision, interactive and engaging so that the customer remains a key participant.

  • We listen. Let's talk to understand your project.
  • We discover. Let's learn about your domain and sink into your world.
  • We brainstorm. Time to roll up our sleeves and be creative.
  • We get sh*t done. Do not disturb. Busy bees at work.
  • We deliver. The last 5% are the hardest part of the project.
  • We wrap-up. Attention to details until we go live.
Meet The Team

We are here to help.


Patrick Deloulay

Left brain, Co-Founder

Design, Code, Photography.


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Vittoria Deloulay

Right brain, Co-Founder

Writing, Painting, Yoga.


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